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Track Repair and Maintenance

03/14/2016 Back To Blog

Fixing Problems

Track Repair and MaintenanceThe garage door tracks help to keep the unit in place and guide it up and down during opening and closing. They are made from galvanized steel and come in different thicknesses. When one of the tracks gets blocked by a pebble or accumulation of sticky dirt, the door will keep reversing. Removing the culprit should be easy. For safety, the opener has to be turned off. It is possible for the vertical and horizontal tracks to get misaligned and to cause the door to malfunction. The first step of the solution involves careful adjustment of the two sections. Then, the bolts are tightened so that the brackets can hold the two parts securely in place. Obstructions, misalignment and wearing may cause the tracks bend. Usually, they can be straightened. When this is not possible, they have to be replaced.

Proper Care

Just like all other components, these ones require full maintenance. It begins with a check for obstruction, misalignment, bending and damage. If the bottom sections are rusty, they should be cleaned right away. Use safe driveway and garage cleaners to protect them in the future. Wash off road salts timely. The best way to clean the trucks is to use mild solvent or brake cleaner in spray from. Spray it from the bottom down and it will pick up the dirt. These components don’t require lubrication. Lubricant will make them slippery and this will cause the door to malfunction. However, if the door uses traditional steel rollers, they should be lubricated.  

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