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We’ve been asked lots of questions about garage doors over the years, and we decided to create this FAQ page so that our customers can easily find the answers they are looking for. We hope you find the information provided below useful.

Wooden garage doors look very elegant, and can also be very sturdy and strong. If the style of your home is contemporary, a wooden door may fit in perfectly. You should just keep in mind that a wooden door may need more in terms of upkeep than other types of door. You'll have to refinish and repaint it once in a while to preserve its quality. Its prices may also vary depending on the type of wood used.
It's unlikely. Usually, your garage door track comes as part of the whole system so it's likely that your old track will not be compatible with the new mechanism. In addition, certain types and brands of doors may have particular tracks that function only when combined with its own system. For further advice on your particular situation, get in touch.
The probable cause for this is that something is blocking the door’s path. Garage door openers manufactured after 1993 are equipped with automatic reversal features for security purposes. If your door is reversing without anything in the way, it's likely your sensors need to be looked at by a professional.
Your overhead garage door is likely to be among the most used points of entry to your house. This means that the opener has to be work more than once in a day. As a minimum, it would be wise to inspect your system every three months and book in a professional service at least once a year.

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